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Decking Services In Virginia

Whether you’re refurbishing your existing deck or expanding your outdoor space. We can help you with your Decking projects while you choose from a variety of options to make your home stand out.

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    Why Upgrading Your Deck Is a Good Idea?

    Why Upgrading Your Deck Is a Good Idea?

    Looking to upgrade your deck? Want to give your space an elegant look that it deserves? We recommend upgrading your deck and the benefits are huge. Through our residential decking services, we add more space to your home and offer different options that are within your budget. If you already have an old deck and need a replacement, now is the time. A new decking upgrade can quickly change the outlook of your space. Thus, transforming the look and making your outdoor space and living area more accessible. Our decking designs can incorporate large spaces for you to host gatherings with your family and friends.

    Find the Decking That’s Best for Your Needs

    Find a variety of materials under one roof. Speak with our experts to make sure you get the best decking that fits your needs.



    Wooden decks are the most common material of decks. They are among the most affordable decks and are purely made from real wood. This wood is considered durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. They are also known to add natural beauty to the outlook of your space.



    Composite decking is made from recycled wood, plastic, and even rubber. It requires less maintenance and offers consumers a great alternative compared to other decks. Unlike wood, composites come in a variety of colors.

    Pressure-Treated Wood

    Pressure-Treated Wood

    Pressure-treated wood processes wood preservatives to make it more durable and less susceptible to decay. This process makes it more effective and can preserve timber life.

    Our Recommendations for Decking

    We recommend installing decks as it adds an ideal place for individuals and families to come together for social interactions and entertain small events. Having a decking also adds value to your property. This can improve the outlook and feel of your space. Our experts also lay decking ideas in your living room and garden to create an appealing look in different patterns.

    Atlas Decking

    Our consultants see the existing weather conditions in your city as weather can play a big part in how well your deck looks over time, especially the sun and rain. We paint any exposed screws with clear nail polish or other protective coatings to prevent the metal from oxidizing. Thus, ensuring that the deck gets plenty of sunshine as it helps to maintain strength.

    Decks also provide an excellent view as they come with spacious flooring ideal for walking around. The best thing is they allow you to entertain your guests without worrying about how they will move around in your property. Decks also provide extra spaces to accommodate additional members of family while ensuring your home is not crowded inside.


    No matter the project, share your customized requirements and let our experts at Atlas General Contractors take care of it.


    We cater to your needs and handle your entire project lifecycle for you. Our team ensures that we deliver the project on time and is completed hassle-free.


    We listen to all your requirements we cater to your needs while you communicate with our team. Our construction lead and project managers work on-site to ensure everything is done and you are posted every hour


    Our experts and construction consultants have built their names with their decades of experience, service and quality work. Hence we craft so well that you stay satisfied that your place is in good hands.

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    From the bustling cities to the serene landscapes, we’ve got you covered all across Herndon, Reston, Great Falls, McLean, Oakton, Vienna, Fairfax, Annadale, Falls Church, Arlington, Alexandria City of Virgina . Join us, and let’s build something remarkable together!

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    There is no fixed answer to this question as it depends on individual needs and preferences and what they are looking for in decking. Choosing the right decking material is the most important decision while building a deck. Composite decking however, is the best decking material as it doesn’t require painting or staining as wood does.

    If you take excellent care of your deck, and give it all of the required maintenance it needs, it can last up to 20+ years.

    Compositve Decking often costs more than traditional wood decking. The boards used in composite decking can exceed budgets making it costly and more expensive than wood. Composites aren’t natural and requires a maintenance fee. As all outdoor decking materials require upkeep to look clean and new.

    The deck material that lasts the longest is composite decking and PVC decking. Composite decking is preferred to PVC because it is visually.