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Outdoor Kitchens in Virginia

Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC is known for warm and humid summers and cold and snowy winters. We at Atlas General Contractors specialize in the design and installation of outdoor kitchens that are best suited according to your needs.

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    Consider These When Choosing Your Outdoor Kitchen Style and Design

    Consider These When Choosing Your Outdoor Kitchen Style and Design

    When designing an outdoor kitchen, it’s important to consider the materials that will be used. Some popular options for outdoor kitchen materials include stone, brick, concrete, and stainless steel. Each material has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to consider which one will work best for your needs. There are many factors and styles of outdoor kitchens to choose from, including modern, traditional, and rustic. It’s important to consider the size of your yard, budget, and overall backyard decor when selecting a style.

    Stone and brick can add a rustic and traditional look to your outdoor kitchen, but they can be expensive and require more maintenance than other materials. Concrete is a more affordable option that is also durable, but it may not have the same visual appeal as other materials. Stainless steel is a popular choice for outdoor kitchens because it is durable and easy to clean. However, it can be prone to fingerprint and may not have the same warmth and character as other materials.

    In addition to materials, it’s also important to consider the layout and placement of your outdoor kitchen. The layout should be functional and efficient, with the appliances and prep areas placed in a way that makes it easy to cook and entertain. The kitchen should also be placed in a location that is convenient and accessible, while also taking into account factors such as sun exposure and wind patterns.

    At Atlas General Contractors, we also recommend you consider the details including lighting, seating, storage options, and additional features such as a grill, pizza oven, or bar area.

    Plan Ahead

    Plan Ahead

    There are several costs to consider when planning an outdoor kitchen, including size, flow, design, style, and other structures of your cooking space. Planning ahead helps you to know how long will it take and how much it cost and whether or not there are specialties that demand a variation in the process.

    Choose A Location That Fits Your Needs

    Choose A Location That Fits Your Needs

    Your outdoor kitchen should fit your needs and ideally be located a safe distance away from doors and entryways to prevent any potential hazards. It's also important to consider the direction of the sun and any other natural elements that may affect your outdoor kitchen. For example, Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC may get windy, especially after summer and you may want to locate your outdoor kitchen in a sheltered spot to protect it from strong gusts. If you live in a sunny location, you may want to consider installing shade elements to protect your outdoor kitchen from the heat.

    Find The Right Equipment

    Find The Right Equipment

    It's important to carefully consider the equipment you'll need for your outdoor kitchen. Think about how many people you'll be entertaining and what types of dishes you'll be preparing most often. This will help you determine the size and layout of your outdoor kitchen space and the types of appliances you'll need.

    Choose Your Countertops Carefully

    Choose Your Countertops Carefully

    Countertops are an important consideration as well. You'll want to choose a material that is durable, low-maintenance, and visually appealing. Cement pavers are one option to consider, as they provide durability and style while being easy to maintain.

    Find Experienced Contractors

    Find Experienced Contractors

    When building a more complex outdoor kitchen, it's important to find experienced contractors in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC who are skilled in transforming your backyard kind of work. Be sure to ask for references and recommendations of where they have previously built outdoor kitchens to get a sense of their experience and quality of work.

    Outdoor Kitchen Service in Virginia

    An outdoor kitchen is a great way to make the most of the warm summer and fall months, providing a space for informal entertaining and allowing you to accommodate more guests than you could indoors. They also serve as an extension of your indoor kitchen, making it easier to prepare meals for large gatherings without feeling cramped.

    If you’re interested in creating an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, it’s important to carefully consider all the factors that will go into its design and construction. From choosing the right location and appliances to selecting materials and finding experienced contractors, there are many things to consider.

    Atlas General Contractors can help you plan and build the perfect outdoor kitchen space for your needs. With our expertise, we can create a functional and inviting outdoor kitchen that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.


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    Northern Virginia: Your Outdoor Kitchen Building Partner from Herndon to Alexandria City

    From the bustling cities to the serene landscapes, we’ve got you covered all across Herndon, Reston, Great Falls, McLean, Oakton, Vienna, Fairfax, Annadale, Falls Church, Arlington, Alexandria City of Virgina . Join us, and let’s build something remarkable together!


    If you are transforming your backyard with an outdoor kitchen, you can start with a portable charcoal or gas grill fitted with heavy cast-iron or stainless-steel grates and an easy-to-clean grease trap. For storage and counter space you can add a rolling cart with shelves. To avoid serving burgers tartare, we recommend you buy a clip-on grill light.

    You’ll probably need a minimum of 10×10 feet (100 square feet) for your outdoor kitchen. This space is enough for the necessities like a grill, some storage, and maybe even a sink. However, you can also go larger if you want additional space for storage or multiple appliances, keep in mind that you’ll need more than one cubic yard of gravel per 100 square feet of patio.

    Yes, with the advancements in the materials outdoor kitchens are built from, it is now possible to build a large, full-featured outdoor kitchen on your deck. However, a local building code must approve of it and the deck can support the weight.