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Driveway Service in Virginia

Our different designs and materials for the driveway can make a big difference in enhancing your property value and can increase the look of your residence

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    Transform Your Driveway Today with Atlas GC

    Transform Your Driveway Today with Atlas General Contractors - AGC

    Concrete-poured driveways can easily cause cracks and develop hairline fractures after a short time after. We ​​help our customers achieve their goals with quality products and materials. We offer a wide variety of materials such as cement, asphalt, concrete, paving, and more. We work with your budget to accomplish your desires. The materials used in the driveway are mostly regular paving stones, but their colour changes. We also give a special touch to driveways, including edging, curbing, and lighting.


    A paved driveway can last decades with minimal upkeep. To achieve this, careful consideration and care may be required during every phase of the project. Here are a few tips:



    Cleaning your driveway stones once every two weeks will improve your driveway life. This may help in removing all existing oil and grease particles. The quality of cleaning will eliminate all problems that may come later and your driveway may be clean and crack-free properly for a longer time.



    When parking in the driveway, try parking on your side and avoid creating hassle for others. If your driveway has a garage make sure that people can quickly move and your cars can get out without any hassle. We recommend trying to avoid parking on any stones as they may wear the driveway quickly and may collapse if one stone gets damaged too much.



    A darker shade of driveway is preferred as the light colour stone may fade sooner. Additional care may be needed for individuals living in coastal areas. With more exposure to the sun, it is better to consult with our experts and we can guide you on what colour will look best for your home and how you can ensure that it stays longer.

    Add Value to Your Home with a Driveway Installation

    There are many benefits to using pavers over concrete for driveways. However, types of sizes, colours, and multiple pattern combinations can also add value to your home and add great value to your property. Professionals like our team will install pavers for patios, walkways, and driveways to beautify your entire property and keep your budget in mind.
    Another reason to work with experts and professionals is when you need special equipment for your driveways, such as a rotating machine or any other equipment for levelling and cleaning, the entire area can be done in no time. We at Atlas General Contractors have all the machinery that you may need.

    Your Unique Driveway

    Your Unique Driveway

    Nowadays driveways are more than just for cars. It is now a place for families to walk, play and store their extra luggage. Driveways are commonly made of concrete or asphalt but we can make them of other materials considering major factors like budget, preference, temperature and durability.

    I you plan to create, widen or close your driveway, hire a professional team as they can help you achieve your goal of having a durable driveway. We know it might be a little out of budget but we consult on cost as investing a higher cost will increase its chance of lasting longer without any imperfections. Therefore, using high-quality materials can give you a problem-free driveway for years.



    No matter the project, share your customized requirements and let our experts at Atlas General Contractors take care of it.


    We cater to your needs and handle your entire project lifecycle for you. Our team ensures that we deliver the project on time and is completed hassle-free.


    We listen to all your requirements we cater to your needs while you communicate with our team. Our construction lead and project managers work on-site to ensure everything is done and you are posted every hour.


    Our experts and construction consultants have built their names with their decades of experience, service and quality work. Hence we craft so well that you stay satisfied that your place is in good hands.

    Northern Virginia: Your Driveway Building Partner from Herndon to Alexandria City

    From the bustling cities to the serene landscapes, we’ve got you covered all across Herndon, Reston, Great Falls, McLean, Oakton, Vienna, Fairfax, Annadale, Falls Church, Arlington, Alexandria City of Virgina . Join us, and let’s build something remarkable together!


    Typically concrete driveways for residential normally take up to 1-3 days. But we recommend that you should wait at least two to three weeks, before parking on your driveway, depending on your location, and climate conditions.

    In general, asphalt may take 48-72 hours to dry completely. However, if the weather is humid or cold, it may take longer for the asphalt to fully cure.

    Asphalt and concrete are two common construction materials where asphalt is made by mixing aggregate with bitumen, a sticky black hydrocarbon extracted from natural deposits or crude oil. Whereas, concrete on the other hand is made by mixing an aggregate material with a cement binder which allows the mixture to harden, forming a rock-like substance.