60-second pre-qualification. Does not affect credit score.

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Hey, Let's discover financing solutions for your project!

Atlas General Contractors – AGC has joined forces with Hearth to provide you with a wide range of financing options, perfectly suited to your needs. Let our partnership empower you to discover the ideal financing solution for your project. Together, we are dedicated to assisting you in finding the best-fit financial options available.

2 MINUTE PRE-QUALIFICATION Get your project started as soon as possible by getting pre-qualified today.

How does Hearth financing work?

Multiple financing options

We work with 17 lenders to find competitive personal loans and credit cards for your needs

Simple pre-qualification

Our process takes less than 2 minutes and will not affect your credit score

Personalized options

Hearth’s lending partners can provide multiple options tailored to your needs

Top Homeowner Queries Frequently Asked Questions

Completing the prequalification form triggers a “soft” credit inquiry, enabling comparison of lender offerings without credit score impact.

Yes, All 17 lenders we work with have no pre-payment fees, allowing you to repay your loan early without any extra charges. Enjoy the flexibility of settling your loan before its term without financial penalties.

An unsecured loan doesn’t require collateral, whereas a secured loan is backed by assets such as a car or a house that the lender can seize if payments are not made. Choose the loan type that aligns with your preference for collateral involvement.

To determine your creditworthiness, lenders evaluate multiple factors like credit history, debt-to-income ratio, income, and expenses. These aspects play a crucial role in assessing your eligibility for a loan.

Once approved, you can typically anticipate receiving your funds within a short timeframe of 1-5 business days. Get access to the money you need quickly and efficiently.

While the minimum loan amount in most states is $1,000, we advise requesting a minimum of $2,000 to align with certain lenders who offer loans of $2,000 or more through Hearth. Opting for a higher amount expands your loan options within our network.

While delayed funding is not typically available with most lenders, it’s recommended to verify with your selected lender for confirmation. However, there is at least one Hearth lender that provides an option to schedule the deposit 45 days following approval.

Certainly! Hearth’s offers page showcases a variety of loan options, allowing you to select a lower, exact, or higher amount based on your project needs and preferred payment terms. Find the financing solution that best aligns with your requirements and preferences.

If you don’t qualify for a loan or desire potentially lower APRs, adding a co-borrower is worth considering. By signing the loan agreement together, both you and the co-borrower become responsible for the loan, expanding eligibility and potentially improving loan terms.

Certainly! If you didn’t receive any offers, you have the option to fill out the pre-qualification form again and include a co-borrower. Adding a co-borrower can enhance your chances of qualifying for a loan or securing more favorable interest rates.